Crime Prevention Tip #6

It's Crime Prevention Week throughout B.C. and Castanet is bringing you tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. One tip from the B.C. Crime Prevention Association will be posted each day until November 7.

Today's tips deal with online banking.

Penticton Community Policing Coordinator Al Sismey says online banking is pretty secure, but the system is not fool-proof.

"Just be sure your bank's online site is secure before you start submitting your personal information. Don't be afraid to call the bank and ask what their online security features are," says Sismey.

The following are some critical security aspects to online banking which should be checked out before you sign up to use this service.

1)Check out the website or the financial institution for technical advice regarding online banking requirements, your bank may recommend you install anti-virus software before you start doing your banking online.

2)PC users should configure Windows updates to download automatically.

3)Use a strong anti-virus software and make sure your subscription is up-to-date.

4)If your computer is used by other household members, set up a USER logon password to prevent others from accessing your files.

5)Disable file sharing if you are on a home network.

6)When selecting a password for your online banking account, choose something that won't be easily guessed and change it occasionally.

7)Don't check the box that allows you to save your account or password for the next time you log in.

8)After you have completed your online banking session, erase your session history.

9)Don't write down your password or account number anywhere.

10)Avoid accessing your account from a public internet connection.

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