Another council hat in ring

Another competitor has entered the race for Penticton's council spots in the weeks leading up to October's municipal election. 

John Archer is a longtime South Okanagan resident, businessman and community member, who has lived in Penticton since his retirement. He will be seeking a spot on city council on Oct. 20. 

"It was an extension of my involvement in the community which started off when I was a bed and breakfast owner, we had one in Kaleden," Archer said. 

He cites being involved with the hospitality industry in the area, president of the South Okanagan Bed and Breakfast Association, competing in Ironman races and volunteering with the Art Gallery for many years as just a few examples of why he is a well-rounded option for council. 

"I think I can enhance the culture and all of its components for the city," Archer said. 

Archer hasn't put together a full platform yet, but he knows a few points he will be focusing on.

"One would be safety for the city, and how people view safety," he said. "I know there's problems in the downtown core, and those can be addressed on the municipal, provincial and federal levels."

As an athlete who spends a lot of time outdoors, Archer is also very passionate about green spaces in the city. 

"Penticton has a lot of stunning qualities that I would like to enhance," he said. "I'm a member of the Protect Penticton Parks Society and have been since its inception."

This run is Archer's first foray into municipal politics. 

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