Feeding hungry kids

Chelsea Powrie

Penticton's Starfish backpack program got a big boost Wednesday night, courtesy of the 100 Women who Care charity group.

The group, whose members commit to donating at least $50 per quarterly meeting, get together four times a year to vote on which local causes the money should be given to.

Wednesday was the first meeting of 2018, and the women chose between the Starfish Pack program, the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club and the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre. 

"Tonight we're giving out just over $4,100," said founding member and organizer Sarah Trudeau. "Each runner up gets $500 and the winner gets the remaining $3,150."

Longtime member Marlene Pye, of Penticton Women in Business, is thrilled to throw her support behind the movement.

"I haven't missed one. I absolutely love this event. The opportunity to give to our community, so many amazing causes and projects have been a part of what we support," Pye said.

Tracy Van Raes, program chair of the Starfish program, was all smiles after accepting the $3,150 cheque.

"It feels amazing because that's six backpacks for kids in our schools for a year," Van Raes said. "I couldn't feel more thrilled to be the recipient and also share the project with these amazing women who are philanthropists in our community." 

The runners up didn't walk away unhappy with their $500 windfalls, though.

"This is just fantastic, we're really pleased, every little bit helps," said Jennifer Anderson, with the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club. "We'll put it to good use."

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