Babysitter alleges sex assault

Details of this story may be difficult for some readers.

The trial for a South Okanagan man accused of molesting a sleeping 13-year old girl in Oliver opened in Penticton Supreme Court court Tuesday.

Bradley James Johnson faces one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference of a minor stemming from an alleged incident in October 2016.

The trial opened with his teenage accuser on the stand, testifying about a party she was hired to babysit for at a home in Oliver. Around 60 people were invited to the party, including children, and the victim was tasked with entertaining and supervising the kids downstairs while parents attended the party upstairs.

She testified that around 1 a.m., when the party mostly ended, she went to sleep on a sectional in the basement with another young girl.

She awoke to a hand on her backside, rubbing her genitals on top of her clothing. She thought it was a dream and fell back asleep.

She woke again, this time her pants were down and a man was penetrating her with his fingers. The victim testified, through tears, that she stood up and ran to the bedroom of the party host and knocked on the door.

The man initially tried to feign asleep, but then ran up the stairs of the home out of the basement, slamming into the wall on his way.

By then, she had entered the bedroom and awoken the party host and immediately informed her what happened, providing a description of her attacker who she said she had never met before.

In court, the victim identified Bradley Johnson as her attacker, stating she got a clear look at him because the room was illuminated by a very large TV.

The female party host took the stand later in the morning, and testified that the description she received from the victim fit Johnson, most notably a pair of white shorts she noticed he was wearing earlier in the night because it was October.

The host went upstairs around 3 a.m. to search the house, found no one, but noticed the upstairs bathroom door was closed with the light on. She returned to her bedroom to check on the victim, and five minutes later went back upstairs to take a more thorough look.

The host testified that the bathroom was now empty and a grown man was in her son’s previously vacant bed. Startled, she ran downstairs and woke her fiancé.

The fiancé went upstairs while the party host comforted the victim.

She testified that a short while later, she went upstairs to announce that she was calling the police and to ask her fiancé to detain Johnson.

She told the courtroom she found her fiancé talking to Johnson, who was “dishevelled,” crying and without shoes. Police arrived that night, “took away” Johnson and took a statement from the victim.

During cross examination, defence lawyer Don Skogstad focused on minor discrepancies between the victim’s testimony and what she told police, such as if Johnson was wearing shoes at the time. He also pressed her if she remembered seeing any tattoos on her shirtless attackers, which she denied.

The judge-only trial is expected to wrap up on Wednesday.

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