Pink shirt day, or week?

Chelsea Powrie

It's not just Pink Shirt Day at KVR Middle School, it's a whole week focused on kindness.

Feb. 28 is Pink Shirt Day, which aims to tackle bullying in schools through awareness and a focus on empathy, but vice-principal Jennifer Wingham decided KVR should dedicate an entire "Kindness Week" around it.

"We like to do a whole week of kindness activities because we've found that if it's just a one-off, it doesn't mean as much as if we infuse it throughout a whole week where we raise that awareness of what kindness is," Wingham said.

The students will have daily activities throughout the week both in their classrooms and during lunch hours in the gymnasium, including workshops on peer pressure, cyber bullying and positive thinking organized by students in the school's leadership program.

On the official Pink Shirt Day, students popped balloons to learn how to make a negative situation into a positive.

"On each balloon there would be a negative comment [written on it], and the idea of it is that you can just easily pop away the negative comment to make it disappear," said Hannah, a Grade 8 leadership student. "Inside is a positive comment."

Participants Hannah and Maia enjoyed the balloon pop, and said the week as a whole was good for their school. 

"I think it will help to do this whole week of fun stuff, so bullies realize how other people feel," Hannah said. 

Wingham said Pink Shirt Day and their Kindness Week as a whole help to encourage well-roundedness in her students. 

"Being kind is important. Yes, reading and writing and math are important," Wingham said. "But to exist in a community you have to be kind to others and to yourself."

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