Princeton Fire Command

As a precautionary measure, the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen is opening a Level 1 Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in Princeton.

This level of operations is the mobilization stage and the initial step in emergency preparedness.

The suggestion to activate an EOC from the BC Forest Service is solely in response to the concerns about smoke for residents near the Tatoosh Fire burning in the Pasayten River area that drains immediately east of the eastern boundary of Manning Park.

This is approximately 10 to 15 kms. from the Eastgate community. RDOS Board Chair, Dan Ashton stated “With the establishment of the RDOS Protective Services Department, managed by Mark Woods, we are ready to respond with emergency operations in support of those fighting this fire and for the public that may be affected”.

BC Forest Service spokesman Jeff Moore stated “No evacuation alerts have been issued, although the residents have been made aware of the fire threat.”

The EOC is currently being equipped with public lines.

The telephone numbers will be communicated through the media.

The caller will receive the most current information available.

Moore confirmed that the BC fire management team will be based in Princeton on September 4th and has a plan in place to fight the blaze.

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