Dry Summer

It's been a dry summer.

Ross Klock of Environment Canada says Penticton has received well below the average amount of rain it normally does in August.

"We have seen a gradual decrease of precipitation since June. We became drier in July and August has been very dry. Penticton received about 10 millimetres of rain for all of August. Usually we get about 28 millimetres," says Klock.

He says while it may be a dry summer, it is far from the record which was set back in 1967 when Penticton received less then a milimetre of rain.

"Weather like this can have some negative effects on an area. Reservoirs can be down, there will be stress on some of the agricultural crops in the area and water in general, even for residential use can be a problem," says Klock.

He says the hot weather will likely continue at least for the next couple of weeks.

"It looks like it's going to be a lovely Labour Day weekend, so there are some good effects, but dry conditions look to continue into late next week at least," says Klock.

There's no rain in Penticton's immediate forecast with highs in the low 30's.

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