Beach Dispute

A four year dispute over beach access is one step closer to being resolved.

Two campgrounds in Osoyoos have been fighting over beach access on Osoyoos Lake for four years.

The Tamri Motel and Campground and the Cabana Beach Campground and RV Park have been at odds since 2002 over beach space located in front of the Cabana.

The Cabana says it owns the beach and that Tamri guests are not welcome. RCMP have been called in several times to settle problems when Tamri guests have been asked to leave.

The Cabana is having a survey done hoping it will settle the issue for good. The owners of the Tamri believe that at least part of the beach is public land and their guests have a right to it.

The Cabana says it plans to put up property markers if the survey reveals they own the land.

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