Rezoning Problem

Not everything old becomes new again.

At least according to City Council. An application to rezone a property on MacCleave Avenue in Penticton is not going over well with Council.

The property consists of an old residence that is believed to have been built in the 20's. According to applicant Steven Windsor, the building is in rough shape.

“It's an old house, I think two smaller houses would benefit the area, I just want to build a home for myself and my father-in-law,” says Windsor.

Councilor John Vassilaki is concerned about how the addition of two new style homes could change the feel of the 60's style neighbourhood.

“It really is a neighbourhood issue, we should hear what the neighbourhood has to say,” says Vassilaki.

Councilor Joanne Grimaldi agrees that the addition of two modern homes will change the feel of the area.

“I agree that this plan will completely change the area...it's like waving a red flag in front of the neighbourhood,” says Grimaldi.

Councilor Rory McIvor says he'd rather see a house refurbished than torn down.

A public hearing on this issue will be held at the next City Council meeting on September 5th.

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