Smart meters hated by few

A pair of Summerland residents were in front of council Monday to express concerns about their AMR electric meter.

The two residents had similar feelings towards the smart meters “emitting radiation,” with both looking to get rid of their current smart meters for a manual version.

All council members agreed they need more information on everything associated with switching from a smart to manual meter.

“In terms of the rates and so on, I think that’s something we perhaps need or want a little more information,” Mayor Peter Waterman said, adding they should look into what other municipalities do in similar situations.

“We need to pursue it a bit more to make sure that we are fair, there is a couple questions we need to get answers to.”

Only three households have come forward hoping to switch out their electrical meter for a manual meter, according to Tami Rothery, sustainability and alternative energy coordinator.

A draft policy suggested charging “opt out” households $100 to replace the meters and $24 per month for manual reading.

“The purpose of this report was to bring forward a revenue neutral policy framework for residents wishing to opt out of the electric meters for automated meter reading,” said Kris Johnson, director of works and utilities. “The District has received a few requests in the past for this, due to perceived concerns of the radiation from electromagnetic frequency from the meters.”

Council directed staff to further review the proposed monthly opt out fees and report back to council in the future.

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