Armed Forces Recruiting

Looking for a few good Canadians.

A Canadian Armed Forces recruiter will be talking about the work, training and educational opportunities of the Canadian Forces tomorrow at the WorkZone Employment Services and Resources Centre in Penticton.

Employment facilitator Andrea Robertson says the Armed Forces have been doing recruiting from the Penticton WorkZone office several times this year.

“We have a sort of partnership going with them because they have been so pleased with the quality of recruits they are getting from the South Okanagan,” says Robertson.

She says that they do get young people who are interested in being recruited.

“As far as I know, you can apply if you are under 18, but your training won't start until you are 18 then you have to have proof of Canadian citizenship,” says Robertson.

The Forces do things like peacekeeping, aiding in natural disasters, and supporting peace initiatives around the world. The recruiter will be at the WorkZone starting at 9 am and will be talking to interested residents on a one-on-one bases until around noon.

For more information, call Andrea Robertson at 493-0225.

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