Students raise local cash

Chantelle Deacon

A large group of Penticton middle school students sold bannock Tuesday to buy presents for families in need this Christmas.

Jolanda Poetsch, Aboriginal support worker at Skaha Lake Middle School, organizes fundraisers throughout the year to help her students give back to the community.

Earlier this month, the middle school students raised hundreds of dollars for the Penticton food bank with a bannock sale.

“We’re doing bannock sales so we can help get toys, jackets, snow pants and stuff like that for the kids,” said Lenaya Joseph, Grade 7 student.

The kids were busy during their 10 a.m. break, dipping the freshly baked pieces of dough in sugar and selling them to teachers and students for $2 each.

“It not only gives the kids the empathy skills, that they so badly need to practise,” said Jessa Accuri, vice principal. “They have it in them, they want to do good for the community.”

“They want to reach out to people across the world and we just need to provide an opportunity for them to do that.”

The amount of money raised at the sale has yet to be determined, but without a doubt hundreds was raised, once again.

“We do everything from bake sales to help feed local families over Christmas time,” Accuri said. “It’s in our kids and it’s really nice to see them rise up to the occasion.”

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