Smoky Days

Penticton could be in for many more smoky days.

The Tripod fire in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in the United States will continue to blow smoke over the South Okanagan for up to several more weeks.

Cindy White, Washington State Fire Official says it will continue to be smoky until the weather changes.

“It will likely be blowing smoke over the South Okanagan until that area gets a large amount of rain,” says White.

She says that more then 2,200 firefighters are fighting the 33,000 hectare blaze and are getting help.

“We have a team of 500 soldiers coming in from Fort Lewis to help us fight this fire,” says White.

Dale Bojahra, Fire Information Officer says there are no fires currently burning around Penticton.

“We had seven fires start as a result of last week's storm, but they were all small and contained very quickly. All the up high smoke people are reporting to us is from the Tripod fire in the States,” says Bojahra.

The continuing smoke has prompted an air-quality advisory from Environment Canada. Anyone with heart or lung conditions could be more sensitive to the air and should watch themselves for any changes to their symptoms that could be caused by the smoke.

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