Towers support Soupateria

A group of residents of Penticton’s Lakeshore Towers have raised more than $1,600 for the local soup kitchen.

Claire McCartney said she was inspired by a news report last year that stated the Soupateria is able to feed a person with just two dollars.

She and some other residents ran a bottle drive, raffled off a gift basket and held a craft fair on Sunday at the towers.

McDonald's Penticton supported the craft fair with coffee and pastries at the last second after a previous donation fell through.

On Thursday, a cheque for $1,649 was dropped off at the Soupateria on Orchard Ave.

McCartney says they plan on making the fundraising drive an annual tradition, after receiving plenty of positive feedback.

“A small group of people can get together and make a big difference,” she said.

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