Lifeguard Competition

The 4th annual Ironguard Lifeguard Competition takes place this Saturday, August 5 at the Penticton Aquatics Department.

Teams of four will compete in four events involving disciplines required to be a lifeguard. During the Priority Action Assessment, competitors will have 90 seconds to rescue up to 12 victims in order of priority. During First Aid Simulations, competitors are required to realistically respond to a major emergency. Other events include pool simulations, swimming and rescue skills and a fitness event.

Events start at 9 am and are open to public spectators. There will be a free public swim from 11 am to 3:30 pm. Come on down and watch the Lifeguards in action!

This event is sponsored by Ironman Canada, the City of Penticton, CUPE local 608, Jean McDougall of Royal LePage and Freedom Bike shop.

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