Africa-Bound Drill

Orley Campbell knows drills.

The Summerland resident has spent the last six months building a drill for a very good cause. When it is finished, it will be sent to a town in Africa to drill wells for a population that has very little clean water.

“The inspiration came many years ago, I didn't want to go to the grave without using some of the expertise God gave me. The people I am sharing with are the poorest of the poor, they cannot help themselves. If they have clean water, 85% of their diseases will leave. They have to drink water that you and I wouldn't flush down the toilet,” says 81-year-old Campbell.

He is working with a group called Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SOHIP) to get as many wells dug as possible.

Campbell, a retired mechanic, says that many people helped make the drill.

“A lot of expertise besides mine went into this drill. I had many people come out and help me physically build it,” says Campbell.

He has been to Africa twice to build wells and train young men from the villages to operate the drills.

“It's about giving a helping hand up. I know they will improve their lives, that's the reason why I do this,” says Campbell.

This is the second drill Campbell has made for use in Africa, the first being finished in 2002. The first drill has created nearly 20 wells so far. This new drill is going to the Cazemba area of Africa, some 60 km's away from the first drill.

It is expected the new drill will be shipped to Africa in either September or October. Campbell's drill weighs around 600 pounds and is capable of drilling up to a depth of 300 feet.

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