Campground Axe Assault

An altercation at a campground has sent two people to the hospital.

Just before 1 am on Monday morning, an assault involving an axe was reported at the Okanagan Provincial Park campground in OK Falls. A group of eight people, all in their twenties, were camped next to a 62-year old male and his wife from Regina.

Apparently the 62-year-old male went to younger people's campsite to ask them to keep down the noise, which resulted in a verbal exchange between them. The male then went to his truck and returned to the site with an axe, which caused the situation to escalate. A 22-year-old female was struck in the mouth with the axe handle. A further altercation between the male and others from the campground resulted and the male ended up on the ground unconscious.

He and the female were transported to the hospital. The female has since been released, but the male remains in hospital with unknown injuries. RCMP are investigating the incident.

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