Soupateria needs volunteers

The Penticton Soupateria society is looking for additional volunteer support and board members.

"We have an aging volunteer population right now. So we’re looking to get people in and trained. So that some of our older volunteers can have a rest," said Lauraine Bailie, volunteer coordinator for the Soupateria. 

Bailie said the busiest months of the year are May to August, but the society is hoping to have people trained now so they won't have to search for volunteers. 

She adds the charitable-based organization is looking for some people to work short shifts anytime between 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., seven days a week. 

"The duties are various; they would be chopping vegetables, making sandwiches, preparing dessert trays. General kitchen work."

Personally, Bailie has been involved with the Soupateria since 1996, and said her whole family has worked there as well.

This is our giving-back to the community," Baillie added. "There’s always a sense of fulfillment when you help somebody. It’s just being part of the community."

To volunteer, you can contact 250-492-2415, or [email protected]

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