Oliver brush fire contained

An Oliver brush fire that broke out Monday evening was quickly contained and put out.

Rob Graham, with the Oliver Fire Department, said the fire, reported about 8 p.m., was about half an acre in size and was spreading fairly slowly.

He said it wasn't a difficult fire to extinguish.

"Crews were very quick on getting on scene," he said, noting the fire was spreading up the bank.

"We got crews first on scene that attacked it from the top," he said. "They were able to get above the fire with some water supplies and hit it from there, while another crew hit it from the bottom."

The fire was caused by a farmer working on the property shooting a bird-scare gun. A cartridge landed in the grass, which caught flame.

He said the farmer stayed on scene and was co-operative with firefighters and that due to the accidental nature of the fire, no charges would be laid.

For farmers shooting guns to scare birds, Graham said the best option is to look for areas that have been recently watered to unload cartridges.

"At least carry some water supplies with you," he said. "Maybe a five-gallon bucket would help and go a long way in putting a small fire out."

Graham said while the fire season has been fairly tame so far, the department is keeping wary of the weather.

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