Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance hosts screening of documentary about Fairy Creek blockades

Fairy Creek doc screening

The Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance is hosting a screening of ‘Before They Fall’, a documentary about the blockades at Fairy Creek by groups opposed to logging of old growth forests on Vancouver Island.

“The screening of the documentary captures this struggle for community rights and biodiversity with the pressures of industrial clear-cut logging and colonialism. It centres around the blockades at Fairy Creek. For two years now, hundreds of people have established a network of blockade camps in Pacheedaht and Ditidaht territory in a fight to save Fairy Creek (Ada'itsx), the last intact, unprotected, ancient, coastal, temperate rainforest on the southern part of Vancouver Island,” notes the PWPA.

“The Okanagan too is home to very rare, very slow growing old growth or simply ‘old forests’, a term some indigenous prefer. Many locals are unaware of this and think saving old growth is a coastal issue.”

After the film, there will be a discussion about issues related to old growth logging and environmental stewardship. The panellists will include Syilx visual artist Cori Derrickson and Dave Gill, forestry manager, Ntityix Resources.

The documentary is being shown at the 50+ Centre at Beach Avenue and 8th Street from 7-9 p.m. Thursday. You can also register to attend live or via Zoom.

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