Vintage car club to pay Valentine’s Day tribute to Peachland centenarian

100 on Valentine's Day

This year Albert Galpin’s birthday will be getting more attention than Valentine’s Day in Peachland.

Galpin was born on February 14, 1923.

To mark his becoming a centenarian, the Vintage Car Club of Canada Okanagan Chapter has organized a drive-by tribute to the long-time Peachland resident and car-lover.

He’s been a member of the car club for more than 50 years and is a lifetime honorary member.

Car club members are asked to gather at the Peachland IGA/A&W parking lot at 11:30 a.m. They will cruise down Highway 97 to 13th Street and onto Beach Avenue, where Albert lives with his wife Bernice.

“We’re going to make a bunch of noise with our car horns and assemble near his open windows. I understand he’s bedridden, I doubt we’re going to see him. And we’re going to sing happy birthday,” says car club president Jim Carpenter.

Peachland Mayor Patrick Van Minsel is expected to take part in the 100th birthday celebrations for Albert Galpin.

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