Peachland resident captures adorable video of baby bobcat that goes viral

Baby bobcat goes viral

Madison Erhardt

A baby bobcat has gone viral after it paid a visit to the backyard of a Peachland family's home on Tuesday morning.

Naomi Miller says she was at home when her daughter yelled from downstairs that there was a kitten by their door.

"I looked down and I could just see its ears and I thought no freaking way. So I ran downstairs and it was just at the back window. I sat on the ground and our cat was inside with us and was just scratching at the door. I'm sure that's why it was so curious."

Miller says the mom was nowhere to be seen.

She says lots of wild animals come to visit her home year round, but she has never seen a bobcat.

Miller posted the video on both TikTok and Instagram and both went viral.

The TikTok video, that was posted on deltasoundhealing has over 515,000 views and 90,000 likes.

"It went viral really quickly and it is still climbing. It is pretty cool," she added.

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