Todd's RV and Camping closes gates for last time

Gates closed for last time

The last private campground on the shores of Okanagan Lake has officially closed.

Graham and Kelly Todd closed the gates on the Todd’s RV and Camping property in Peachland for the last time this week.

The Beach Avenue campground has been sold and is being redeveloped into condos.

“Since 1956, we’ve hosted so many wonderful campers from all around the world, some five generations,” said Graham and Kelly in a Facebook post.

“The Todd family would like to thank all our wonderful staff and all of our guests from over the years. So many memories were made. We are all so fortunate to have had this gathering spot for family and friends for so long.”

Closing weekend was originally set for Labour Day, with the family spending the last month winding down the business.

The campground was in the Todd family for three generations and was originally owned by Graham’s grandparents Jean and Jeff.

Jean and Jeff purchased a lot off Beach Avenue in Peachland in 1928. They ran an orchard for a few years, with cattle roaming free, but in 1956 a camper driving by the property asked if he could cut out an area to use. Thus began Todd’s Tent Town.

In the 90s, Graham’s parents rebranded the site to Todd’s RV and Camping.

The property was for sale for two years before finding a buyer.

The campground is being developed into a half dozen six-storey terraced condo buildings constructed behind four single-family bungalows.

The development will include 46 units of housing with prices starting at $1 million. The terraced units include dramatic views of Okanagan Lake and individual pools, at the purchaser’s request, on each patio. The pools are about 10 by 12 feet in size.

It is hoped construction can start on the project in the spring, likely to be built out in phases, spanning up to four years.

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