Local pharmacist shares seasonal allergy relief tips

Dealing with allergies

Spring has sprung. As shifting seasonal patterns and warming temperatures delay spring across the country, experts are predicting a pollen boom.

Unfortunately, residents can anticipate more intense allergy symptoms this season. Allergies can have an impact on our everyday life, and for many, they are not simply an inconvenience—between itchy eyes and runny noses, it can be a pain to find relief.

B.C. pharmacists are here to help ease the burden of allergy symptoms. Your local pharmacist can support you with recommendations on the right allergy medications for your symptoms.

While seasonal allergies and symptom severity can vary from person-to-person, the best way to manage allergies is to get ahead of your symptoms and consult with your local pharmacist. To help you get through allergy season, I’m sharing tried and true tips for allergy sufferers:

The weather forecast is your friend—We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” But do you know the rest of the line? Allergies cower. Rainfall washes away pollen, making the aftermath of rainstorms the perfect time for allergy sufferers to enjoy the outdoors. In general, checking the forecast is important for allergy sufferers as warm, windy days can negatively impact allergy symptoms.

Pollen pickup is the highest in the mornings—Opting for outdoor activities in the evening, like exercise or gardening, will help to lessen the impact of allergy symptoms.

Destress and get rest—We can often forget how important sleep is. When under stress, we typically don’t get enough sleep and this can worsen both our stress reactions and allergy symptoms.

Tackle symptoms early in the day—Start your day on the right foot by taking your allergy medication first thing in the morning. You should always consult your pharmacist regarding the type of allergy medication you’re taking, as some may include side effects such as drowsiness.

You may be taking the wrong allergy medication for your allergens—It can be overwhelming looking down the aisle of over-the-counter medication options. Be sure to speak to your pharmacist about what will work best given your allergy symptoms.

For more information on a specific allergy remedy or service, speak with your local pharmacist.

Nathan Klaassen is a pharmacist and owner of your local Shoppers Drug Mart in Kelowna.

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