Opinion: O'Toole the man for the job

O'Toole the man for the job

The count went late on Sunday. In typical Tory fashion, no one prepared for any technical difficulties, so we were forced to return to the old ways, counting each ballot by hand. Eventually, blue amoke arose from the convention centre in Ottawa, “habemus Papam” resounding off the tongues of both fake and honest news. Out of the haze stepped the man who was always most likely to win, the only man left standing from the last contest: Erin O’Toole, Member for Durham.

On behalf of all sane members of the party, it is my great honour to declare once and for all the political death of Peter Mackay, whose slippery ways were never needed or welcome in our beloved dominion, if only because they were so ineffectual they failed to produce a decent piece of infrastructure or an engrossing scandal. Please enjoy your retirement as a talking head - but not over at our sad state broadcaster that will soon be declared anathema and exorcised.

Guns and God had a good showing via Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan. Echoing Brian Lilley, let it be retweeted to the end of the age that a Black woman from Toronto carried Saskatchewan and had strong showings throughout the West. Accusations of racism at Tories as a catch all are officially slanderous slurs that ought to be prosecuted vehemently in court and public squares. If the socially conservative vote had not been split, we could have come out on top in this race.

But at least under the RCAF veteran’s leadership, it is likely the party will not split into its main or lesser factions. And with Trudeau reeling from mismanagement of the pandemic to his incestuous relationship with the WE foundation, Tories are eager for the leader to marshall the troops and start waging war on our most ancient enemy, the Liberals. With the right moves inside and outside Parliament, it’s possible O’Toole could become PM in less than a year.

One of the wonderful things about being a Conservative in this country is that there are just so many things to improve, renovate, disband, or create thanks to the dim vision fostered by the Grits over these many decades. Apparently talking to dogs and having sympathies for fascism, plagiarizing peacekeeping, waving middle fingers at westerners, socking pie launchers, owning predecessors scandals and appearing in black face does not help make Canada great.

Our confederation is so broken we cannot construct a metal tube across this country to carry our own resources to our own fellow citizens. On the other side of the spectrum, everyone in healthcare or sympathetic to socialized medicine, is fully aware that our current system pales in comparison to other developed nations, has untold liabilities, and already functions in two tiers as some patients are more equal than others - and how about that pandemic preparedness, eh?

From a navy without ships to higher education without open dialogue, this Dominion is in need of serious work. Is O’Toole the man for the job? Well, unlike Mackay or Trudeau, he is not the establishment, which translates to more empathy with voters. Also, as previously noted, Durham bears a lot more resemblance to the rest of Canada than Papineau does. Lastly, I do believe it takes integrity to run for leader again and win when one could have claimed it as theirs de facto.

Again, it cannot be overstressed how fragile Canada is at this moment, just as it cannot be overstated how much of that lies at the feet of a party in power far too many times for far too long. A politics of division has pervaded since the flag change, exacerbated by the Charter, and finally brought to parody by the costumed post-nationalist that rules us. There will not be a nation called Canada in another generation without the policies that create prosperity and patriotic unity.

Hopefully, the first step in that direction was taken by electing O’Toole. I for one am deeply happy that we Tories appear to be out of the doldrums and ready to march on Ottawa.

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