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Sowing harmful distrust

Apr 16, 2021 / 9:30 am

An Open Letter to Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry: In my capacity as vice-president, editorial,...

Acknowledge the empty seat

Apr 14, 2021 / 5:08 pm

It has been five years since the Provincial Health Officer declared a public health emergency in response to the significant rise in opioid-related overdose...

Retail spending rebound

Apr 4, 2021 / 4:41 pm

B.C. retail spending rebounded 4.4% in January after a December dip to $8.36 billion, marking its eighth increase in nine months. Year-over-year sales rose to...

Indie grocers are dying

Mar 29, 2021 / 6:37 pm

Most of us wouldn’t know if we were in an independently owned and operated grocery store unless a notice is posted somewhere as you enter the store or you...

Is this the best we can do?

Mar 26, 2021 / 1:01 pm

Is this the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out we imagined? I’m a dreamer, and I love good endings to movies and stories. I dream of a health care system...

Targets a tall order

Mar 24, 2021 / 6:49 pm

Building back ‘clean’ and ‘green’ means trillion of dollars of investment, and the electrification of many machines and activities that...

Odds on Dr. Henry's side

Mar 5, 2021 / 5:22 pm

Look, the biggest risk Dr. Bonnie Henry is taking with our lives with her new vaccination plan is that we will be ready but not able to enjoy the rest of the...

Could be the next leader

Mar 3, 2021 / 6:15 pm

As the BC Liberal Party officially announced its year-long leadership race, Aaron Gunn is poised to be a disruptive candidate to take the party’s reins....

In support of housing

Feb 23, 2021 / 7:05 pm

Everyone deserves a place to call home. Home fulfills our most basic human needs. It gives us all a place to feel safe, comfortable, warm, and grounded. But,...

Wealth tax a horrible idea

Feb 17, 2021 / 11:56 am

Eat-the-rich rhetoric is good politics but bad policy. The wealthy minority contribute precious investment and much-needed employment, but no good deed goes...

When will the wine flow?

Feb 4, 2021 / 10:56 am

Interprovincial alcohol distribution in Canada has always been a nightmare. For our wineries, breweries and spirit makers, selling alcohol to Americans is...

Pandemic drinking lessons

Jan 23, 2021 / 4:30 pm

The last six months have been an interesting and trying experience, to say the least. They have taught me a lot about myself, my family and my relationship to...

Satellites will change ISPs

Jan 22, 2021 / 12:26 pm

Elon Musk’s Starlink low Earth orbit (LEO) network has been awarded US$885 million over 10 years to build out rural internet access in the U.S. This was...

Overcoming the odds

Jan 14, 2021 / 11:59 am

As we look back on 2020, we might be tempted to focus on the challenges. However, I want to take a moment to reflect on the strength and resilience demonstrated...

Get ready for another one

Jan 12, 2021 / 12:59 pm

Think you’re done with complaining about crass, ill-timed elections in the pandemic? Not yet. One more beckons. A big one. Another one we don’t...

Carbon tax short-sighted

Jan 6, 2021 / 1:02 pm

COVID-19 has had an impact on Canada’s food industry but, over time, resilience will prevail. However, the federal government’s pre-holiday...

KGH feeling second wave

Jan 5, 2021 / 12:09 pm

Dear Kelowna residents, neighbours and friends, We are a group of physician leaders who work at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH). All of us work in hot spots in...

Lost on pandemic highway

Dec 24, 2020 / 7:00 am

Two rules in politics are simple to follow: 1) Do not overpromise and underdeliver. 2) Do not preach what you do not practice. Political problems arise from...

Jeopardy! teaches us plenty

Dec 23, 2020 / 5:05 pm

Canadians were saddened to learn that longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passed away recently from pancreatic cancer. For more than 35 years, Trebek was a...

The year's top food stories

Dec 18, 2020 / 7:00 am

The year 2020 was as unusual as they get, with no shortage of stories. Some flew under the radar because of the pandemic but this list is based on how some...