Fire hydrant strike causes more brown water in Osoyoos

Brown water once again

Residents of Osoyoos may experience brown water once again. On Friday, a vehicle struck a fire hydrant in town, causing a large discharge of water. The town stated that such incidents can result in brown water.

On Friday June 9, a fire hydrant at 66th Avenue and 83rd Street in Osoyoos was struck by a vehicle causing a water main to spill water into the street.

The Osoyoos Fire Department, the RCMP, and town staff responded to the scene, isolating the leak and cleaning the area.

The town released a statement that “when there is a surge in intensity, such as the fire hydrant being hit and large amounts of water being discharged from the town’s main water line, it can cause brown water.”

The town wants to assure residents, visitors, and businesses that they are doing everything possible to minimize the effects of poor water quality.

The town did not provide any indication of how long the effects may last.

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