Photo Galleries: Half Corked Marathon delivers wacky race fun

Half Corked in photos

Sun and wine soaked participants in the 15th Half Corked Marathon rolled across the finish line on Saturday (May 27) at the Oliver Community Park tired but invigorated as cheers went up for each participant and group.

Participants told the Times Chronicle that this year's route was kinder than last year thanks to a 4km reduction to 20km in total and crucially, a shuttle bus that ferried weary runners nearly a kilometre up the hill on Black Sage Road.

The option was still there for the hardiest of contestants to take on the hill, but judging from the line-ups waiting to catch the shuttle, it was a popular choice.

This year featured 13 wine stops instead of the 20 last year, but none of the runners seemed particularly fussed about it. Wine tasting booths dotted the park for some post-run relaxation.

The annual costume and performance awards went to the following groups:
• Best Group Costumes - second runner up - Snow Wine and the Seven Drunks
• Best Group Costumes - first runner up - The Flash
• Best Group Costumes - first place - Drunk Ass Winos

• Best Skit or Performance - Absolute Gems
• Best Finish Line Performance - Trophy Wives

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