Strange crimes

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Here are a few select news stories from the past week from around the USA.

Bank robber demands all $60 bills
This week in Gilbert, Arizona and man walked into a bank claiming to have a gun and demanded all of the $20's, $40's and $60's. I wonder if the bank teller had a small moment of panic while they tried to figure out where the $40's and $60's were kept.

Marry me or I'm calling the cops
A woman from Chicago called 911 claiming her boyfriend was attacking her. When police arrived they soon learned the boyfriend was in fact breaking up with the woman, and she had called the police in a last ditch effort to "scare" the man to marry her. Questionable tactic, she now faces disorderly conduct charges.

Pocket dial results in swat team response
A man pocket dialed his wife while driving home after work. "He was listening to music and he had, I don't know, hip-hop … or music like that, where there were lyrics that were gangster-like." These gangster like lyrics caused the wife to believe her husband was being kidnapped. She called police who responded by sending 30 swat team members to where the man worked.

Man stabbed over Facebook profile
In Indiana a woman stabbed her boyfriend when he refused to show her his Facebook profile. They wrestled over the laptop for a while before she retrieved a knife from the kitchen and attacked her boyfriend with it. I wonder if what he was hiding was worth it?

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