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Okanagan Mompreneurs Rachelle McGlinchey and Sarah Read wanted a home-based business that would give them the chance to be at home when their young children were, and earn a good income without sacrificing family life to ‘the office’. As young moms, doing something around children and parenting would be a desirable, but unlikely, bonus. However, just over a year ago, good luck struck when a mutual friend brought back a special keepsake from England – a miniaturized impression of her baby’s hand print set in a silver pendant. Everyone, including Rachelle and Sarah, wanted to know where they could get one of their own, but to no avail as no-one in Canadian was making such items. So Rachelle and Sarah set to work.

A few months, and lots of hard work later, Hands on Keepsakes was launched from their homes in Kelowna. Hands on Keepsakes offers two main types of products: unique silver necklace pendants (mainly for ladies) and unique bronze key-ring tags (popular for the guys). The real magic is that they include a hand print, foot print, or other one-of-a-kind image, in the metal. “We provide a special ‘mess free’ kit for people to take children’s prints. Then we use these to make a miniaturized version of the print in 99.9% silver or bronze, with the child’s name on too. Each one is as literally as unique and special as your child” explains Sarah Read. “In fact the process is so flexible we can even make pieces featuring children’s drawings, short hand written massages, and pet prints are proving popular too ..... in fact anything you want to capture and keep close forever that would otherwise be lost. Just don’t ask me to tell you how we do it – that’s a secret!”.

As word of mouth spread, orders came in rapidly when their website, www.handsonkeepsakes.com went live at the end of 2009. “It’s been lots of fun developing the products, website and everything else that goes with it” says Rachelle, who had her second baby in 2010. “I can work from home when I get the chance but the best part is hearing what our customers think about their keepsakes. They tell us that something so personal and unique is truly treasured. One lady said that, after her engagement ring, her silver necklace with her boys’ hand prints on was the most beloved jewelry she owned”.

Now, as the Holiday Season approaches, the bronze products are proving popular as customized Christmas tree decorations too.

In today’s world of mass market products, these busy Moms are demonstrating that personalized and unique products make the best gifts ... hands down!

Website: www.handsonkeepsakes.com

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