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Tidy Tushees Diaper Service was founded in April 2008 and since that time the company has saved hundreds of thousands of diapers from local landfills and expanded their service to include families from Vernon to Penticton. Founder Kelly Paley has a three year old son who was the inspiration for starting the local diaper service and online store. “We made the decision to cloth diaper our son before he was born. I had been allergic to disposables as a child and my husband Glenn and I weren’t comfortable with the possible risks associated with the plastics and chemicals in disposable diapers. Not to mention the environmental impact of all of those diapers in the landfill and the tonnes of untreated human waste being disposed of each year. I also didn’t think it was “that big of a deal” to cloth diaper. After all, our parents managed!”

Kelly explains that when she was first researching the world of cloth diapers in preparation for Tyson’s birth, she was completely overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Gone were the days of pinning and folding and now there was a whole language of Fitted’s, AIO’s, Longies and Soakers! “I didn’t know where to start and I couldn’t seem to find any local resources. I am thrilled to be able to provide not only the service and products, but support to other families who want to make healthier choices. I’ve been called the Diaper Fairy and I’m really proud of that”.

Tidy Tushees makes it easy for families to use cloth diapers. Soft, absorbent fitted cotton diapers are delivered in a waterproof nylon bag each week. The diapers don’t appear to be any different than other diapers with the same shape and snaps to make them easy to use. Parents or caregivers simply change their baby the same way they would with disposable diapers, but instead of tossing the soiled diaper in a garbage bag (where it will take more than 500 years to break down in the local landfill), it goes into the delivery bag for pick up and laundering. That’s it, no dunking, rinsing or soaking. Just change your baby and help change the planet!

Given that the average baby uses more than 6000 diapers (producing more than a tonne of waste) parents can make an enormous environmental impact simply by using cloth diapers. Yet Paley says that she is even more concerned by the health risks that babies are exposed to and which parents aren’t told about. “Diaper manufacturer’s don’t have to tell us what’s in their diapers, yet the studies clearly show that our babies are facing increased risks of cancer, respiratory illnesses including asthma, chemical burns and skin sensitivity and even declining fertility rates directly linked to the use of disposable diapers.”

Paley explains that “cloth diapers aren’t any harder to use, will save families money, will reduce the incidents of diaper rash, will encourage children to potty train sooner and will have an enormous environmental impact.”

Tidy Tushees are the local experts when it comes to diapers and they are happy to share their expertise with free in-home, telephone or email consultations for all your cloth diapering questions. They even offer an affordable Try Before You Buy program so families wanting to cloth diaper on their own can “test” the diapers before they invest.

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:
Kelly Paley
(250) 870 4106
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