Faces of the Okanagan - Kevin Bennett

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Kevin is a serial entrepreneur, having run a software consulting practice, a retail company, a manufacturing company, a commercial leasing business and ZipZone Peachland, home of Canada’s highest freestyle zip lines! When not screaming down a zipline, Kevin can be found cave diving in Mexico or wreck diving in The Maldives, Bali and the Philippines. Kevin is a TDI qualified Cave Diver and PADI Qualified Technical Diver, qualified to undertake underwater explorations requiring long decompression protocols.  

He is also an avid kayaker, skier, canoeist and Fly Fisherman.

Kevin emigrated from the UK 20 years ago and spent a number of years living in Vancouver, Aldergrove, Logan Lake and Calgary, before settling in Peachland.

A software engineer by training, but an entrepreneur by nature, Kevin soon established his own software development consulting practice, and once had the honor of having his work for the mining industry praised in the Canadian Houses of Parliament.

In 2005 Kevin bought a local manufacturing company in Kelowna and set about modernizing the operation, installing computers & streamlining operations, so that in just 18 months years the company doubled in size.

In 2007 Kevin sold the business and retired, but soon became restless, and, while vacationing in Mexico, discovered the awesomeness of Ziplining. Immediately hooked, he returned from vacation and headed into the hills behind Peachland and found the amazing Deep Creek canyon and set about developing the park

Kevin is a Metagrobologist, which is a fancy way of saying he collects mechanical puzzles, and he loves Canadian history, particularly that of the First Nations and early Canadian settlers.  

Kevin combined his love of puzzles and history to create the interpretive attractions at the park, which are a relaxing and educational complement to the adrenaline pounding ziplines.

An inveterate traveller, Kevin and his family have spent many happy years touring Europe, Central America, South East Asia, North Africa & the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. He still hasn’t made it to Papua New Guinea yet though, so that’s next on the list!

His favorite vacation destination is Bridge Lake in the Cariboo where they have their cottage. It’s stunningly beautiful and very peaceful. Although they enjoyed Mexico last year, they don’t travel as much they’d like because the kids are just at that age when they’re too old to be babysat but too young to be trusted not to get into mischief! Kevin is a real outdoor nut and loves fishing, shooting, quadding, sailing, hiking and just enjoying a G&T on the deck. He hopes to build a community shooting range in Peachland one day. The gem of the Okanagan for Kevin are the hills behind Peachland. They’re just so beautiful and accessible. Within just a few minutes of quadding I can be almost completely alone, see all sorts of wildlife and fish all kinds of lakes. Kevin’s favorite saying is “Aut inveniam viam aut fasciam" which means “I shall find a way or make one” which is attributed to the Carthaginian General Hannibal when told there was no way to cross the alps with his war elephants. Kevin found it fitting and inspirational, so had it tattooed on his arm.

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