Manifest your future

If someone told you you could influence your future through manifestation, would you do it?

Surprisingly, most people wouldn’t.

It is seen as a hocus-pocus process and often misunderstood as meaning you don’t have to take action steps —  just sit and envision what you want.

Manifestation is an action step and it isn’t mystical, as it is often made out to be.

Manifesting events or your future is simply aligning your thoughts with what you want so all your conscious and sub-conscious energy is working to get you there.

Why do people manifest?

Because it works.

I’ll explain the ‘How’ in a moment, but first I invite you to focus on the ‘Why.’

The process works because it forces you to be specific about what you want or don’t want.

Most of us (myself included) wander along a path of distractions. We fill our spare time with objects, technology or satisfying other people’s needs without ever looking inward to what makes us fulfilled.

Manifesting will force you to slow down and think about your needs as well, which often allows you to give even more to those you love.

As the saying goes: You can’t pour from an empty cup.

It will take time to narrow down what fulfils you. Many people start with what they don’t want; that is often easier than understanding what you do; That brings us to the ‘How.’

Manifesting can be done with various methods. This list starts with a basic technique and progresses.
I encourage you to work through them all slowly and with patience. 

Start with what you don’t want

This is where I started, and it was very enlightening because everything you don’t want will have an opposite, but you must be specific.

For example: “I don’t want to be in my current place of employment” … break that down to be more specific …

  • Is it that you don’t feel a sense of purpose?
  • Is it that you feel under paid or under valued?
  • Is it the environment?

Maybe it is more than one, so make a list and then state the opposite.

Lack of purpose = What would give you purpose.

Turn your list of wants into reminders

Now that you have your list of ‘wants,’ make yourself reminders and place them throughout your daily life.

This is a very personal process, so be as discreet as you need.

  • Chimes on your phone,
  • Notes in your lunch, your locker, on your screen saver

Do whatever it takes to keep your thoughts focused on your next path. This is going to make you hypersensitive to opportunities.

Our distracted lives often make us miss signs. If you are focusing your energy to align with your thoughts, opportunities will show themselves.

They may have always been there, but through the manifestation process, you will start to notice them.

Having a list of ‘wants’ will also serve as a guide for actions. Each ‘want’ will have associated activities to stop or start.

An example: if you determined community involvement would give you a sense of purpose, you might stop spending your Saturday mornings watching TV and start volunteering at a local not for profit, which will increase opportunities to pursue that life path.

Meditate on it

Meditation takes a lot of patience and practice. However, if you are at this stage, there's a great guided meditation for manifestation by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Apple Tunes called Morning Meditation.

It is 23:53 minutes long. I do this meditation two of three times a week. If you enjoy it, I also highly recommend his books.

That leaves us with the ‘what.’ What can happen through manifestation?

Your world will get rocked. You will be faced with tough choices as the opportunities you manifested are presented to you. You might feel overwhelmed.

Know that you are strong enough to handle it. You willed it and opened yourself to the possibilities.

All you must do is say ‘Yes,’ have gratitude and follow your heart.

Happy manifesting! 


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