More Consideration Needed

To the editor:

I have often wondered if I was the only person who knew what "merge alternately" means. People in this town don't understand that if they merge alternately crossing the bridge, the bridge wouldn't be as much of a hassle or take as long to cross.

Several times being in the left lane people give you dirty looks and refuse to let you in-it's like you budged in line and you shouldn't be there. I have always let at least one person ahead of me for this very reason. I think that if people were a little more courteous instead of being selfish over a car going ahead of them, they would probably reach their destination quicker.

At this point it cause traffic jams, if people don't start merging on and off of the bridge eventually it's going to cause a major accident! Let's grow up Kelowna and have a little more consideration for the other vehicles on the road!


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