Unearthing a Century of History

I just read your article "Unearthing a Century of History" and noticed that all persons represented could not understand why old vehicle frames, engines, wheels, etc. along with the usual human generated garbage was being dug up.

My parents, Ian and Betty Collinson, moved to Kelowna (from Chilliwack) in 1932.  They told stories of how most of what is now "Kelowna" was all Bog and the powers that be of the time brought in train loads (hundreds of 'em) of scrap vehicles, etc. and sunk them into the muck.  They also pounded thousands of pilings into the muck in order to give the "ground" some rigidity.  It was part of the entertainment of the day to watch these goings-on.

The fact of the matter is, if, heaven forbid, Kelowna should ever experience any kind of earth-quake, of any significance, all that "filled" Bog would turn liquid again and all those big, heavy, concrete, ungodly, massive structures will sink (or at least fall over); hey, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I'm serious here -- don't believe me??  Go ahead -- check your history, check your facts, check your science -- I dare ya.

Actually, the whole of the area of Kelowna bordered by Okanagan Lake (west), Mission Creek (south and east) and Knox Mountain (north) was, before all the fill and pilings, Bog -- and it's just waiting for the right "event". 

But hey, don't mind me, just keep on keepin' on.

John B. Collinson

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