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To the editor:

I am currently living in China, and everyday I open Castanet to read the latest news from my city, province, and country. I especially enjoy reading the letters to the Editor, as I miss discussing current events with local people. However, in the last few weeks, I have become increasingly annoyed by some peoples letters.

According to my understanding, the Letters page on Castanet is for people to express their views - no matter what their views are. We, as Canadians, are entitled to Freedom of Speech, and the Letters page is a place where we can exercise that right. In printing various letters, Castanet is not saying these letters are true or factual - they are merely printing the letter of a citizen who wanted to express his views. Please stop criticizing Castanet for these letters - these are not their opinions! They printed your letters, didn't they?

I enjoy reading Castanet because they always tell both sides of an issue, not just the side that everyone wants to hear or agrees with. That is responsible media! Thank you Castanet for your journalism that keeps me in touch with Kelowna, BC, and Canada. You are doing a great job!

-Tanya Wells

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