Enbridge Pipeline

 Everyone should have figured out by now that this is a done deal except for spinning the message to the public.The message has been changed from NO unless the people of B.C. want it , to meeting conditions and how much money will the B.C. gov't  receive by the liberals.

There is no other reason why the Alberta Tories would fund raise for the B.C. Liberals. The backroom deal is done.THERE ARE NO ADVANTAGES TO THIS PIPELINE TO ANYONE EXCEPT OTTAWA'S COFFERS AND THE OIL COMPANIES. Ottawa seems good at sending their revenues to the IMF and heaven knows where else , no gain for Canadians.The profits go south of the border to the US oil companies.

Since this would allow more exporting of oil why should Canadians continue to pay world price for gas ? I don't believe the added revenue would go to Health Care and Education , this is the standard line to explain all sorts of increases or risky deals. It doesn't wash anymore.

Since as a Canadian and a B.C. resident I seem to be carrying all the risk and all profits go elsewhere, maybe it's time I profit from this, since the deal seems to be done anyway. I don't mean an abstract explanation of where the politicians get to spend the money. Alaskans revenue share with the oil, so this is what I think should be appropriate in the circumstances with the pipeline.

To Me option #1 is NO , option #2 is line my pockets as well.

Charles Wilsone

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