Letter: MP Letter Facts

While I am no fan of the ongoing shenanigans in our nation's parliament, I usually check my information before writing a letter to the editor.

Mr. Jaegli is a victim of an internet hoax and not even a very good one. Please see the following URL for more info:


published by the prestigious and always truthful Fraser Institute.

-Lucien Marcelet

To the Editor:


As you can see by the link above the letter that you Posted: April 16 / 6:00 am Story# 824 / Contributed from Chris Jaegli is a twist on a spam (email chain letter) that has been circulating the internet for many years, only the facts and figures come from one that has been twisted from the American Congress to fit into the Canadian version.

I thought that Castanet was a professional news organization, but now I see that you are completely incapable of searching out the facts before you print them.

Check your facts! People rely on you to post the news, not internet spam, we get enough of that in our in boxes we don’t need to come to your website to read it!

-Fran St. Tremene

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