Acts of Kindness Campaign

It may not have happened in our backyard, a lot may think it is none of our concern in Canada … but the Newtown CT issue has raised one very wonderful campaign that I believe the whole world should take part in.

#26Acts (a twitter hash tag) is encouraging all people to commit to do 26 acts of random kindness toward our fellows in honour of those who lost their lives.

I made a personal commitment to do this before New Year’s and I was able to complete that mission today.  Personally, it made my heart smile.

Nothing can bring back those people’s lives, but 26 random acts of kindness, especially if those who receive one can pay it forward, then I believe our world will become a much more compassionate, inclusive place with (let’s all hope) less violence in it.

Thank you to NBC's Ann Curry for starting this movement.  I hope it changes everyone’s lives for the better, it did for me.

Rauni Clarke


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