A great asset

Oct 19, 2015 / 12:03 pm

When I first met Ron Cannan in 1996, I was running for mayor and he was running for councillor. We worked together for nine years on Kelowna city council. I got...

Cannan has my vote

Oct 19, 2015 / 12:01 pm

I have the privilege of working with leaders, CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs with the organization known as the Executive Committee Canada. One of the...

Movies at school

Oct 16, 2015 / 3:16 pm

My son attends CNB Middle school on the Westside. Seems one of the teachers is playing a movie at lunch this week and the room is full of kids. We have had...

The clear ABC choice

Oct 16, 2015 / 3:14 pm

To Kelowna-Lake Country voters who rightly want to get rid of Harper this election: The consensus among strategic voting sites, like strategicvoting.ca and...

Support of Justin Trudeau

Oct 16, 2015 / 3:12 pm

Brian Mulroney, one of our PMs and leader of the Progressive conservative party of Canada, has come out in support of Justin Trudeau instead of Stephen Harper....

Why I have voted for Fuhr

Oct 16, 2015 / 3:02 pm

Ready to serve, again: Major (ret) Stephen Fuhr is an impressive, bright accomplished young leader I have come to know in the last few months. Fuhr has a great...

Voting Ron

Oct 16, 2015 / 3:00 pm

I bet many people are wondering how Cliff and I will vote on election day. We are voting for Ron Cannan. Why? He has been steadfast in his support for a strong...

Time to move on

Oct 15, 2015 / 7:48 pm

Enough already of the Harper Conservatives perpetrating the myth that their government is better than anyone else with the management of our economy! I...

Please, vote wisely

Oct 15, 2015 / 1:50 pm

I was driving home via the Coquihalla highway from downtown because of construction going on replacing hydro poles on Voght St.. I was reminded that if anyones...

Re: Wearing a mask to vote

Oct 15, 2015 / 1:38 pm

Quinn Wright’s letter, 'Wearing a Mask to Vote', speaks of Religious Freedom being the justification for certain people to be allowed to wear a...

Support for Albas

Oct 15, 2015 / 1:33 pm

Prior to the 2011 federal election campaign, I sought (albeit unsuccessfully) the nomination for the Federal Liberal party in Okanagan-Coquihalla. At the time,...

Masks are for Halloween

Oct 15, 2015 / 10:07 am

Masks are for Halloween. I can’t believe we even allow this to be an issue when it comes to voting or getting a drivers licence. How stupid are we? Canada...

Proportional ballot

Oct 15, 2015 / 10:03 am

About two thirds of the votes in every election are wasted, because our politicians insist on using an electoral system that is designed to award the winning...

Covering face when voting

Oct 15, 2015 / 5:00 am

It is great that people are free to protest their believes in Canada. However, in Canada we do not cover our faces so be prepared to respect our rules and...

Health Care

Oct 15, 2015 / 4:00 am

Until we actually needed health care, we always thought we had an excellent health care system. I won't comment on the actual care received in KGH during...

Face covering while voting

Oct 14, 2015 / 7:49 pm

Allowing people to cover their face while conducting any kind of business is ludicrous. If it is allowed we might as well dispense with photo ID. I had to show...

Face coverings

Oct 14, 2015 / 3:42 pm

This should have never been allowed. Our Prime Minister was overruled by the Liberal judges sitting in the court. The female Muslim in Montreal has plenty of...

Wearing a mask to vote

Oct 14, 2015 / 3:41 pm

I would like to begin by stating that I am supportive to those women who wish to wear a covering veil pertaining to the ever prominent Niqab debate in Canada...

Vote strategically

Oct 14, 2015 / 3:36 pm

Castanet has been full of letters and op-eds from across the political spectrum for an exhausting and combative few months now, which is as it should be in a...

Advanced polling stations

Oct 14, 2015 / 3:33 pm

Can someone please explain how the advanced polling stations were determined? My husband and I live in Rutland near the Middle School, but the advanced polling...