Letters: Amazing Performance

To the editor:

I'd like to say that the "LORD OF THE DANCE" troupe were amazing at Prospera Place. Even though Michael Flatley (retired a few years ago) didn't lead this group, it still made the grade and deserved its undivided attention from the audience. Speaking of which, there's only one thing I wish to gripe about that evening.

A few people sitting behind us were yakking out loud for about 5 minutes at the start of the show. I finally turned around and said something to the effect of: "Would you mind shutting up? There's other people who actually want to see this!" They looked stunned by my comment but the incessant talking during a concert or other musical venue is considered ignorant, disrespectful and unacceptable. For those of you who like to talk during such venues, DON'T!!! At least wait until the 20 minute intermission if you have the need to flap your gums.

-A. Fleury

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