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To the editor:

In one of your latest articles on Castanet, it is clearly stated that "officials warn us again the forests are very dry and we ought to use common sense to prevent another fire disaster this summer." Over the past couple of weeks I have had the misfortune of driving behind several smokers who seem oblivious to this fact and completely void of "common sense."

Yes, it is true that many newer vehicles are not equipped with ashtrays. So what?! If you are planning to smoke in your car, then have the foresight to bring one along. Do we need a repeat of last years tragedy before we enforce fines against the careless people who needlessly litter our streets with their cigarette butts and put our community at risk? Should the non-smokers and responsible people of our community have to follow behind putting out the stinky, smoldering butts left by those who are ignorantly tossing them on the side of the streets? I think not.

There are fines up to $1,000 for people who intentionally litter our highways with garbage. Garbage can be smelly and is an eyesore on the side of the street but it does not put family homes, businesses and lives in danger. Fire does. Some serious thought needs to be put toward establishing a phone-line to report people who toss cigarettes and ashes out of their vehicles. These people should be fined.

Perhaps then they will learn some "common sense" and good habits that will subsequently help to keep our streets clean and keep us safe. For now I will continue to call the RCMP each and every time I see a person flick a butt out his/her vehicle. The RMCP can decide what to do about my complaint but at least I will feel like I am doing my best to protect my community. Do you care about protecting your community? Smarten up people!


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