Letters: What Is Offensive?

To the editor:

To the person who found this well written and so truthful letter by Jesse Olynik offensive, wake up and smell the coffee. What did you find offensive? That letter was so bang on I'm finding a hard time relating to what the heck you found so offensive. Are you American? Or living in an Igloo somewhere. Anyway, it was just an opinion and maybe the reason Castanet chose to release it in it's entirety is because it was such a well written letter? I agree whole heartedly with the letter and I truly believe most people around the world are starting to believe this as well.

I love the Americans, but invading Iraq on their own the way they did is simply making things worse for themselves around the world. American soldiers are being wasted in larger numbers as each day goes by. These people in Iraq are not going to sit back and let the Americans tell them what to do. Groups of Iraqi people who historically hate each other are coming together not because they have made amends but because the hate the Americans more than they hate each other.

Enough said, most people have realized by now it was a mistake going in there alone and it's not going to get any better any time soon.


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