Letters: Castanet Bad

I just wanted to let you know that I will be removing Castanet as my Internet Home Page.

I'm not sure if you realize what kind of impact photos like the one of the tortured owl have on sensitive people. If you think it necessary to publicize such photos, they should be made available with an accompanying warning that they may be disturbing to some people. The story by itself in this case was unbearable enough.

I believe I have a right to choose what I wish to see and what I do not whenever possible. Castanet did not give me this option. This is not the first time I have been faced unaware with disturbing images when I opened your site.

Good Bye.

-R. Clark

To the editor:
I used to be a fan of Castanet to provide my local, national and international news. However, after reading Jesse Olinyk's letter, I am no
longer a fan. The content of the letter is ignorant and offensive. But what
is more offensive is the fact that castanet chose to publish it in its
entirety, despite the 250 word guideline Castanet itself established. News
organizations have a responsibility to present information as non-biased as
possible. Castanet's anti-American slant was made obvious by allowing a
lengthy anti-American letter to be posted in violation of its own policy.
What a shame.


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