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To the editor:

OUC is a university campus where students are able to express ideas free from restrictions - or is it? Apparently, when those ideas are pro-life, they are somehow disqualified from this right. On two occasions, our very own Phoenix newspaper, a supposed oasis of freedom of expression for every one from extremist lefties to neo-conservatives, has neglected to print letters expressing views on the issue of abortion. Whether this is an unintentional oversight is not known for certain however, the letters were sent in duplicate via email along a path has been successful in the past.

In a separate incident, a pro-life group wishing to host an educational display on campus grounds was slapped with so many over the top restriction by Facilities Management, that the event could not go forward. Restrictions consisting of the demand for outrageous amounts of extra security, limitations of where and how the display was to be presented, and other unreasonable conditions amounted to nothing less than a successful denial of freedom of expression. This same anti-abortion display has been allowed on the campuses of UBC and UCC on several occasions, free from the type of restrictions insisted upon by OUC. Perhaps Facilities Management ought to reflect on those administrations in regards to what it means to allow, encourage, and ensure our rights to freedom of speech.

The university campus has always been a place where freedom of expression is encouraged, a place that offers students an environment conducive to peaceful and educational exchanges of ideas, even if, or especially when, those ideas center around a difficult issue. It is apparent by the recent silencing of certain students, OUC has fallen well short of ensuring this type of environment for all.

-M. Bartram

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