Letter: AC Should Live

In response to the letter from someone who cannot wait for Air Canada to die, I work for Air Canada and I certainly do not want to see the airline go the way of the Do-Do bird. I agree that AC has been very slow to adapt to a changing clientele, but change we must, and with a new investor (possibly) hopefully these changes can be adapted and accepted by the powers that be.

I work for Air Canada's regional arm known as Jazz and I can assure people that as a member of the Airline pilots association that we have been working very hard to find ways to combat the old AC way of thinking(crown corporation way that is) but old habits die hard and it is not an easy job.Also Air Canada is hamstrung somewhat with the Air Canada Participation Act where AC has to maintain Head offices in Montreal and flight attendants must be bi-lingual etc. which does not apply to other carriers. Kind of an uneven playing field eh? I personally do not want to find myself on EI along with possibly 30,000 other people and I do not know any sensible person who would wish that on anyone.

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