Letters: World Has Changed!

To the editor:

What is going on in our world when we can so easily say that we wish someone to "Die"? And yes, it is 'someone' we are talking about here, not something. My father worked proudly for Air Canada for 30 years. When he died last year, my mother was left to live off the pension provided by them because of his dedication and loyalty.

Now you wish Air Canada to 'die'. You can't wait for my mother to go without money for food and shelter. You have never met her but you can't wait for her to "die", is that right? Air Canada is our country's national airline and they employ thousands of Canadians but because you received 'attitude' from someone, you want the company and all the men and women who work for it to "die".

I guess I have to agree with you... the world has changed!


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