Letter: From A Child’s Eyes

To the editor:

This world is a dangerous, scary place. Terrorists are everywhere. In North America, Middle East, the South, everywhere. These warriors of whatever God they know are everywhere, and untouchable. For every terrorist detained or killed, three more take their place. They live day to day, like us. Planning and thinking, weighing their options, the pros and the cons. They have, or at least had families whom loved them, and whom they loved. These terrorists are far from our only worry though. At home, violence runs rampant.

Organized crime, petty theft, beatings, racism, rape, robbery and murder. Waking up and turning on the news to hear of four Chinese men shot to death, maimed and lit on fire in a garage is nothing too shocking. These things happen more and more frequently now. In Chicago, on Valentines Day, 1929 seven people were brutally shot to death by the henchmen of well-known mobster Al Capone in a garage. This was shocking. The news ripped across the country, everyone knew about it. Now, this type of news sometimes doesn’t escape a city or province. The younger generations have been desensitized. Glorification of human sufferings for entertainment purposes has left a perverse scar on humanity. As a society, we have already failed.

Modern criminals – terrorists. Decades ago, these were the few, the rare. These “freak” incidents were usually isolated, and not near as brutal or severe as they are now. Now, terrorism is a way of life in many countries, and it is coming to ours. Be it jealousy, hatred, or simply flexing muscle, these people are bringing the fight to us. There is a fine line on terrorism though, and when will the United States cross it? Ignorance, resistance, and bullying seem to be American traditions. They make things the way that suits them best. They continue to refine and maintain a healthy stockpile of nuclear weapons. Should any other nation attempt to procure any, the United States intercepts. They invade, shatter the local way of life, topple governments, and leave a giant mess. Then wonder why they are un-liked, and targeted. They should damned well butt out of everyone else’s business and let “democracy” produce results. They are taking over the world behind a curtain of “democracy” and “good will”.

Every day in Iraq, more and more American troops are being killed. They have achieved minimal results in rebuilding Iraq after they forcefully disassembled the government there. No doubt Hussein had to be over-thrown, but now who will pick up the pieces? The baffled population who have never had freedom? If a dove is birthed, fed, and lives in a cage it’s whole life, what will it do when the door is open? Where will it go? How will it survive? The Americans wonder why, with all their skills, training, troops, and expensive equipment they loose so many good men and women. Simple answer. Because the bad guys always loose. World War II. Germany had several strong victories, but in the end failed anyway. Despite their huge numbers for such a small nation. Despite their developments in aircraft, rocketry, vehicles and weapons. The Allies HAD to win, or they would all be destroyed. This extra drive gave them what they needed. The justification to keep going when things got bad. Now, Iraqi freedom fighters HAVE to win, or they will be destroyed. They have no fear of dying their Gods give them this. The Americans on the other hand, rely on their equipment, not themselves.

Tired, hungry, ill, poorly equipped with Soviet era weapons, no kevlar, no extensive training, no tanks or planes, no night vision, only a handful of comrades, a pure hatred for his enemy, and a God who will forgive everything he does should he defend his home and people with his life. This is the Iraqi soldier, this is the Al-Queda terrorist, and these are the Islams and Palestinians. By our standards, laws and morals, these are not warriors. They are cowards. But think. Had Iraq bombed New York with planes, and destroyed the American army with super-weapons, and everyone was living their lives as best they could with President Hussein. Would there be no resistance? Would you stand in the street and blindly fire, or would you sneak in the shadows. Take vulnerable targets of opportunity? Yes you would.

Be aware, and on alert for terrorists. Care for your neighbor, and your enemy. Just remember that everyone has the potential to be a “terrorist”. All they need is a reason and opportunity. Just keep this in mind when you slander others, or pass judgement on captured “terrorists”. These words carry no influence. They are only an opinion. These are only things that are seen in the world from a child’s eyes.

-Jesse Olinyk

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