Try Volunteering

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:58 am

I would like to ask what J.Z. thinks should be done & how J.Z. is helping to solve this problem. Is J.Z. going to Leon Avenue & helping at the Gospel Mission?...

My Two Cents Worth

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

I must put my two cents in with all the letters coming into Castanet about the downtown situation. I used to work part time down town in the summer and felt...

Move Them Out

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

Congratulations TC and your letter to city council. Great point you raised, I""m all for pitching in to rent a bus and move these people who are forcing local...

Work to Fix Problems

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

I just read your letter T.C. I agree with most of your points on the homeless problem, but why pick on Kettle Valley? I do not live in Kettle Valley but do live...

Barre Charges Unfair

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:15 am

I am saddened by the brutal actions taken by our judicial system towards Mike Barre who is being charged with starting the McLure fire 2 summers ago. An honest...

Can""t Believe Changes

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:15 am

It is funny. I have lived here for 27 years. It is hard to believe the changes. Changes per say on how people care and treat others. It seems once there were...

Getting Anywhere?

Jan 24, 2005 / 5:00 am

to M.J.G. You did a fine job in your letter. Now who do we send letter""s like yours to? If someone could tell us where, maybe we could change what is really...

Homeless Is A Choice

Jan 23, 2005 / 5:30 am

In regards to the letter from J.Z. First of all, I know what its like to live on the streets, be on welfare and eat out of garbage cans. I have been sexually,...

Homeless Scams

Jan 23, 2005 / 5:15 am

I think J.Z. is missing the point about the homeless in Kelowna. What this person needs to do sometime is watch some of these homeless people run their little...

ID The Teen

Jan 23, 2005 / 5:05 am

Regarding the seventeen year old male who was involved in the recent stabbing downtown. If I were his parents, I would make his name public. Screw protecting...

Want To Work

Jan 23, 2005 / 5:00 am

This is for someone called J.Z. First off I would like to thank you for thinking people like myself are a JOKE just because we not only do live on minimum wage...

Take Charge Of Life

Jan 22, 2005 / 5:30 am

I feel as much as anyone else for the homeless and less fortunate in this world, but its time people took responsibility for themselves and their own lives....

Letter To City Council

Jan 22, 2005 / 5:30 am

Open letter to City Council: Well Council, once again you & our mayor have chosen not to listen to me, I see the book store on Leon is now closing. Less tax...

Getting Away With Crime

Jan 21, 2005 / 5:30 am

PSSSSSST.......... This letter is to the fine young men who stabbed Mr. Scully. Don""t worry it""s not a serious crime in Canada. After all you didn""t cause an...

Gov""t Taking Heroin?

Jan 21, 2005 / 5:30 am

Good Afternoon, I just read a report on free Heroin being giving away at a new location in Vancouver? I find it quite disgusting that this will take place and...

Is Kelowna Heartless?

Jan 21, 2005 / 5:30 am

I can""t believe all this garbage that I am reading on Castanet recently. I am guessing that all those who wrote the harsh anti-homeless emails came from...

Absolutely Outraged!!

Jan 20, 2005 / 5:30 am

What is happening to our justice system that someone can kill a woman, lie about it, stash the body, then get away with a slap on the wrist? I am absolutely...

Watch School Zones!

Jan 20, 2005 / 5:30 am

To all the inconsiderate and careless drivers in Kelowna...... please consider the snowy, icy, slushy and slippery road conditions! Not only all over town, but...

Night Of Living Dead

Jan 20, 2005 / 5:30 am

Murder in Kelowna - Night of the Living dead. I know that some of you at city hall read the comments posted on castanet. What is it going to take to get some...

Get Your Life Together

Jan 20, 2005 / 5:30 am

You must be one the the ones who""s come through my till buying food and dog biscuits for the homeless person standing outside the doors. The guy who harasses...