Why Bush's Picture?

To the editor:

Firstly I would like to wish everyone at Castanet a very Merry Christmas and congratulate the staff for doing a super job.

Although I do have a question for your advertising staff.

What on earth would possess them to use a picture of President George Bush on an advertising campaign for OUR local Holiday Gift Guide. We thought it was a joke and then realized as proud Canadians we could not even consider having this man selling items to us at Christmas, a time of peace and harmony.

I'm afraid we have far too much influence from our American neighbours and I'm sure that choosing one of the 100's of Canadian hero's would have been far more appropriate. eg. Romeo Dallaire, Alexander Graham Bell, Wayne Gretzky, Neil Young, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, David Suzuki, Sarah McLachlan and Herbert Marshall McLuhan who said "The medium is the message".

Our family has always celebrated Christmas, yes Christmas not Xmas. Why anyone would feel the need to take the Christ out of Christmas just make's no sense to me. Let us all take a moment during this busy holiday season and send the message of Hope and Peace at Christmastime.
Merry Christmas,

C. Lawrence

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